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Australian Jing shows " friend is overcome " the chelonian of green Mao He of ha
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According to England daily Post reports, australian Jing is staying only now " green hair style of Ma Xikan type " river chelonian, resemble quite it seems that in those days ever one of band of class of Peng Keyin happy pioneer of be in fashion for a period " sexual handgun " band advocate sing Luo Du of • agreement writing (the hairstyle of Johnny Rotten) .

Barpque river chelonian name is this modelling " chelonian of Ma Li river " , because its live in the Ma Li river with closer from Darwinian city Australia (Mary River) is medium and get a name, it is chelonian kind the very infrequent one sort in the world. Hairstyle of its that humourous is not the hair that made gel, grow in its head however the algae that come out.

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