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Thailand viewed and admire fishing exit to jump 2008 76%
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Taihua farmer research center predicts, thailand viewed and admire a fish to export the forehead to will achieve an ancient unit of weight of 100 million peaceful 2008, grew 76.0% than 2007, divide among them for fry 9.4% , sea fish 40.1% reach fresh water fish 50.5% . Be in all sorts of viewing and admire in the fish, the export volume of fish of Xian Luo Dou is highest, and silver-colored shark, Xian collect eats alga fish, red remaining part loach of Nian of spot of black shark, red fim shark, ear, coolie and giant raw fish with its beauty and distinctive color are getting increasingly the welcome of the market.

Current, thailand is the 7th grand sight of world admires a fish to export a nation, have breed the latent capacity that views and admire fish and research and development to view and admire piscine breed, it is to become drive Thailand to be in before long the main factor that obtains higher rank in the future. Chinese aquiculture net. Current, because ever passed Singapore to order Thailand to view and admire piscine country,already changed direction to be ordered from Thailand directly, because this receives commerce associate country to develop continuously,view and admire fish market field to will make of Thailand view and admire a fish more well known, can be in beauty of breed diversity, color, price the competitive, sanitation that breeds a standard to get rise and be exportinged viewing and admire a fish quarantine is strict and effective wait for a respect to obtain more approbating.

Thailand Ministry of Agriculture was made will view and admire a fish to export the forehead to add the end to an ancient unit of weight of 2 billion peaceful to 2010, encourage a farmer to form management alliance, if Le bigs,the farmer of county of 10 thousand pounds runs government office what allied successful already development becomes Thailand is main view and admire a fish to export base. Plan of Thailand Ministry of Agriculture will wrap around development of market government office is become view and admire a fish to export base, because wrap around,market government office views and admire piscine breed respect to all have all ready requirement in water natural resources and diversity fresh water.

For this, concerned government and civilian branch must cooperate hand in hand make view and admire a fish clearly to develop a target, and departmental door views and admire the action in fishing in stimulative development, this will conduce to increase to the exit that views and admire a fish is measured and export the specified number, make become the produce that has an outlook, in order to enhance the exit competition ability that Thailand views and admire a fish, should view and admire fishing to developing actively in order to contend for the challenge of the competitor country of market share.

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