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The whole world of Russia of Dai Yan love a dog of general Beijing locates syste
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According to Russia of report of Xinhua News Agency " Muscovite the Youth League member newspaper " 22 days of reports, beijing of official and busy Russia premier general, need not fear without time Buddhist nun of division of the dog that accompany love takes a walk. The biggest dog is about to wear this Russia fame to measure a body for it custom-built, of " Geluonasi " the necklace of global location system, so that host understands its track at any time.

This brown necklace looks very common, just flank became much a small square box, namely signal receiver. Allegedly, the Kremlin tries the necklace that invites a reporter to attend division Buddhist nun the type that wear apparatus, the spot experiences its god outstanding merit to use.

At the appointed time, the division Buddhist nun below magnesium light lamp will be reincarnate advertisement famous model, show development to the masses " Geluonasi " system. This location system at going up 70 time metaphase begins the century development, official 1993 investment is used, be about to locate with American whole world systematic GPS stand up to sb as an equal. Ivanov of Russia Vice Prime Minister is in charge of this purpose carrying out, what division Buddhist nun wears necklace is the gift that he gives general capital.

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