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American economy puts market of things of delay nondestructive pet
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American has to pet care add, although be in the day with bleak and unidentified economy, still insist to be the product with their best choose and buy. Produce trade association according to American pet product (APPMA) is forecasted, total value of market of American pet things will amount to 43.4 billion dollar 2008, relatively rose 2007 5% .

This year, sheet is to be used at the expenditure of pet food to already approached 17 billion dollar. Project of other and main defray includes medicines of prescription of general articles for use, blame, and pet hairdressing and lodge wait for a service.

Although rocket of economic depression, oil price is reached second cause popular feeling in a state of anxiety by the crisis, but the American that do not have block is right of pet doting.

In fact, american pet raises rate to have add without decrease. According to " 2007 to countrywide pet feeder was investigated 2008 " show, 63% families of American have a pet; This rate was 1988 56% . The expenses that is used at pet also rises steadily, anticipated the number was 1996 2008 double have many.

Although 100 course of study are depressed, pet things market still red-blooded, food of the coal tub outfit that is Hong Kong and business of the product that pack, pet and spin fittings supplier bring opportunity.

Be in the United States, domestic pet suffers fully take seriously. Pet is an animal not simply, also be the indispensable member in the home, position and other member dress.

From sociology angle can explain people to transform to pet manner, and the reason that sprinkles money gladly greatly for them. Socially " double firewood is not had child " or the couple that children is brought up to become independent from mew is increasing, they have more time and money to be used on pet body. To them, pet is OK the position of fill children.

Another element is the medium extensive story to celebrity and its pet, your pet suffers fully fix eyes on. Renown Yuan Palisixierdu (the Tinkerbell of Zhi baby dog that ParisHilton) raises, often wearing the looking glass on beautiful dress. She even in order to love angle compose diary of the dog, the extract that account lives jointly, written guarantee compositive book. Star Jiessie blocks Xinpusen (JessicaSimpson) uses Luyiweideng (bag of dog of LouisVuitton) famous brand brings go on a tour love a dog, fix eyes upon likewise.

Apparent, can flaunt master love and wealth at the same time to love a dog to spend money like water. This kind of behavior not los angeles of bureau be confined to and new York, although be in the United States the small town of each district, people also leave no stone unturned is offerred for pet optimal enjoy.

Today, very as general already as pet congratulatory birthday, Valentine's Day, Allhallows and christmas, many people can buy a section to celebrate dress, cate and characteristic toy for pet.

American raises pet become common practice, shopkeeper must purchase articles for use of of all kinds pet, in order to satisfy market demand. Coat of marten of the lapidary necklace of whole set distributing line and dog belt, man-made, imprint bowl of home of the turtleneck unlined upper garment of abbreviate of full brand letter, illicit is provided, dustbin of cleanness of electric toothbrush, proper motion and computerization identify label to wait for high-grade pet things, all have sale.
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