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Dog of pet of one man pilfer makes Poland butter
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The Weilijika in polish south arrested polish police a few days ago a man of 70 years old. This person uses the dog that comes secretly to make butter all the time for years, sell the neighbour all round.

According to report of dust humble company, the police discovered in the abode of this man a few in last few years place is missingPetThe necklace of the dog, arrested him in order to steal the accusation of the animal. This person is long-term all round its abode the pet dog that steals neighbour, make a kind with these animals very the butter that suffers Polack to love, sell place the dweller. However, local dweller never has had thought, the pet that they use the butter of daub biscuit to perhaps use their just about is made, because normally this kind of butter is,use pork adipose make and become.

Current, this man is sued with theft animal and the charge that produce food illegally.

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