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Japan: Give the offspring of the dog with refrigerant oosperm breed
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The refrigerant oosperm transplanting that Japanese researcher will pull cloth to tug much dog recently arrives inside put oneself in another's position of other parent dog, make mother dog produces below two small Labuladuo successfully dog. Researcher says, the offspring that uses refrigerant oosperm breed to give a dog still is belonged to in the whole world first.

According to Japan " read sell news " the website reports 21 days, these two small Labuladuo the dog is this month 8 days be born.

The Japanese Hokkaido that participates research takes university of wide livestock product to teach bell Mu Hongzhi to say, the refrigerant oosperm of the dog survives after defrost rate is low, the offspring that uses breed of this kind of method to give a dog still does not have successful precedent before this.

Report, the person such as bell Mu Hongzhi arrives 0 times through the oosperm quick-freeze the dog 196 Celsius, control the damage that the cell may get in lowermost rate, raised the surviving rate after oosperm defrost successfully thereby.

Pulling cloth to tug much dog is to suit to use as guide a few dog of blind dog is planted one of. Guide the level of blind dog is extremely high, need to accept groom strictly, and contraceptive operation should be accepted normally before grooming, although be proved aptitude is outstanding in the future also cannot breed is unborn. Researcher says, pedestrian labour insemination is entered to its before guiding blind dog accepts contraceptive operation, long-term and refrigerant save oosperm, hopeful guides for breed blind dog offers new approach, the help solves the problem that guides blind dog demands exceeds supply.

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