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Israel: Try DNA of conjectural dog dung to punish not responsible host
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City of Israel of report of Xinhua News Agency pulls Weifuben especially Zhou Shi pushs dog dung DNA to detect, find out the dog that relieves the bowls everywhere on the street, clear not in time in order to punish the person raising a dog of excrement and urine.

Reuter reports 16 days, try out plan in Telaweifu Peidadikewa develops town, by a definite date 6 months. The branch already asked local dweller takes the dog to vet to handle extraction DNA sample related city, build a database.

Come so, management department can pass dung of the dog on the street, find out " irresponsible " master, give punishment.

Conversely, the person that raise a dog should clear away oneself dog dung only, load ash-bin of the ad hoc on the street, the effort of their cleanness environment also will get affirming through the database. At the appointed time, management department will give their dog to feed certificate and toy to wait, award of as a way of.

Ba Long of · of card of city vet the base of a fruit says the Telaweifu that offers proposal of this one party, DNA database still conduces to research dog hereditary disease and identify a stray dog.

Ba Long says, with respect to eye antecedent condition looks, plan obtains a dweller to approbate. She says, if plan tries,push a success, pull dimension husband city to will consider to ask pet host is accountability especially the DNA example that provides a dog.

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