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Mexico: Elephant develops high speed road to lead to traffic accident
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23 days, the elephant that Mexican city weighs 5 tons directly from circus wagon after escaping, enter on high speed road and with barge against of a bus, lead to traffic accident one case. Bus driver Peiluosi of 49 years old and elephant die in the accident, additionally 4 passengers get hurt.

Mexican nation police station says elephant escapes from circus wagon basket, but did not disclose more detail. Maxilinnuo Lamosi says breeder of circus wagon animal: "At that time is my unlock its cord, make it OK have a thing. But it ran suddenly however amain rise, swung open a gate to escape. It never has done such thing before. " elephant is in after crossing two villages, entered a very busy high speed road to go up.

The member that according to place an animal protection is organized says, the animal runs away time and again likelihood and be mistreated to concern. Last month, after the private zoo of an assemblyman from Mexican south runs, the lion of a 500 pounds bites two dogs and a pig dead, still had charge to riding the Mu Zifa of donkey, be subdued finally by infuse downer. According to " China business signs up for "

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