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Italy desire check DNA checks dog dung
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According to north of Italy of report of Xinhua News Agency one town plans to build database of pet dog DNA, so that be found out in the future,be in public the dog that relieves the bowls everywhere, punishment clears not in time the person raising a dog of dog dung.

This town name is Weierqieli, draw near clever city, population 4. 50 thousand. General of abstruse · Pang Xi says town councilman Anthony: "If annunciate and dissuasive action are insufficient, then we try gene technology. I mean a clean town. I mean a clean town..

Report, the DNA sample that collects a dog costs 13 euro about. This part expenditure but by not self-conscious dog advocate the amerce of pay is quits.

Israel pulls tower of an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times of dimension husband city to raise the guard that overcome tile especially some earlier this month moment begins try out similar plan. The vet the base of a fruit that offers proposal of this one party blocks · Ba Long to say, dog DNA database still conduces to research dog kind hereditary disease and identify a stray dog.

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