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Attune of New Zealand big constituency changes a dog to move a dog to love to bi
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New Zealand general election will be held on November 8, choose all sorts of prewar civilian attune to emerge in endlessly, company of food of a pet is the poll way that recalled to try to be unique more, dog seeing a dog people the model toy that prefers to bite which candidate, the most welcome show the people supports rate lowest.

According to British media coverage, “ Mass is special ” of pet food company (Masterpet) the main competitor according to two general election - - carat of · of Helen of New Zealand premier is overcome and the cacique of party of main opposition country writings brush about · triumphant - - appearance made the dog that offer a dog.

This firm is ultimate will come according to the sale status of two kinds of toys judge two candidate who more get constituency reception, the toy sells whose model weller to imply support rate is inferior, fight is picked in what did not come in may “ has troublesome ” .

The selling manager those of branch of island of north of company of food of Mass spy pet gets · Kujiman discloses say, the abecedarian sells data to show, the model toy that carat overcomes sells more betterly. And this one result also confirm those are at present formal the result of civilian attune, namely the national party that carat overcomes the leader's the Labour Party to lag behind at triumphant leader. Reuter undertakes be assessmented integratedly indication to 5 civilian attune, the supportive rate of national party is 50 % , the supportive rate of the Labour Party is 36.3 % .

Analytic personage points out, life cost violent wind rises and constituency is in office 9 years to the Labour Party period the support that the fatigue feeling of generation weakened pair of the Labour Party. But, although national party is temporarily banner in civilian attune, but the election experience according to world each country, draw near the more general election, the change of civilian attune is bigger, national party precedes at present what do not represent general election day is banner. The Labour Party devotes oneself to to consolidate all the time in recent years the voter base of oneself, look from current condition, the ticket storehouse of the Labour Party still firm. Unless the Labour Party appears the error with especially big what, otherwise the foundation of vote of the Labour Party of shake of other political party is by no means easy thing.

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