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The cat replaces a dog to enter a Kremlin
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According to Russia media coverage, russia is new be elected as presidential Demiteli Meidewei after Jeff moves a Kremlin, the pet cat that his madam place raises also will enter new home. Before, the pet of the Kremlin is presidential Fulajimier Pu the love dog of Beijing.

This pet cat is called Duoluotuoyisi, this year 4 years old, the Siberia color that is a male nods a cat.

Russia " Muscovite the Youth League member newspaper " the word of this cat breeder says 15 days of cite, after the madam Siweitelanna of Jeff of plum heart Wei gets Duoluotuoyisi, raise it when pet.

Some are wild before this cat, according to the report, yi Siceng of much Luo Tuo and the cat that Mikhail Gorbachev of · of Mi Hayi Er raises leader of neighbour, Russia had been hit frame. Duoluotuoyisi was accepted for this be as long as the cure of a month. Bother to avoid more at the same time, it still is emasculated. Duoluotuoyisi is docile now many.

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