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Exceed force of limited company of things of pet of international exceeding cent
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Produce according to China via press, regard Chinese townsman as a of daily consumption new point of growth, unboiled water of pet economy wind rises, make another burgeoning industry. A few days ago, result of concerned department survey makes clear: Pet amount of China 8 years grew nearly 500% . In the meantime, the expert predicts, to 2010, chinese pet amount will be added reach 150 million, hopeful of sale of Chinese pet estate achieves 40 billion yuan of RMB.

Pet consumes the tremendous potential be obvious to all that shows. The personage inside course of study is analysed, more and more inland are at present large and medium-sized city, even 2, 3 lines city, entering pet to consume upsurge, wait for consumption around Wu of kimono of a series of production that its produce, sale, make pet industry make the main component of urban economy. Regard pet as dress get army person one of -- Beijing exceeds emerge as the times require of limited company of things of pet of international exceeding center. In recent years, this company put forward " pet dress also is another kind of adorn that raises pet public figure " , "Let pet enjoy beautiful pleasure " the concept that waits for human nature to change, install pet dress the style to undertake design and be manufacturinged according to the person's move, devote oneself to development to manufacture novel and distinctive pet clothing. On September 25, this company holds new product news briefing at Beijing, things of many 30 pet of Beijing specializes in inn and pet hospital delegate, the fashionable dress of different to having feline dog style " go beautiful " gave height the opinion. This company is the window with shop, with numerous join in inn is mixed specialize in inn to rely on, will joint force achieves pet dress " Woerma " .

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