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Run pet store with cafes concept
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Five the grandfather ever raised 18 dogs, and Wu Weihao of 34 years old, did not think of oneself can open 18 pet store at a heat probably, include 16 green jade to love pet center (Pet Lovers Centre) and Eden of two pet sale (The Pet Safari) .

Wu Weihao of group director director says: "The grandfather has a farm in Cai laying harbor previously, within besides raise a dog, still raise chicken. I love to run to run in the farm at that time. I love to run to run in the farm at that time..

1973, wu Weihao's father opened the first green jade to love pet center inside Shao edifice, also be Singapore this locality shop of the first pet, the Wu Weihao that likes puppy in one's childhood, run to run in inn, take all of the birdie that collects on the road, caracal, doggie toward over there, make be worthy of the name is made in inn " animal asylum " .

Wu Weihao is more than 10 years old when, the business in father inn is very good, although raise the person of pet at that time not much, but as long as it is the person that raise pet this inn buys regular meeting patronage pet product. At that time, because father and uncle have regular occupation, because this pet shop becomes two people to be " have a common goal " the place that pet host provides a service, earn making money is next.

Wu Weihao says: "Whenever on the weekend, father loves time of the fritter away in inn, exchange the result that raises pet with the client that will shop in inn at the same time. Exchange the result that raises pet with the client that will shop in inn at the same time..

Grandmother ever said before father start business: "Person be on short commons, how should raise pet? How should raise pet??

Hour of five Wei grand ever also asked an uncle: "Open pet shop to you can make money? " the uncle's answer is: "Very difficult, but can spend quiet time. " means: Do not count on can " profiteer " !

Dan Wuwei grand however not be convinced, think the business wants to be done seriously only, can make money certainly.

As a result of the product value on the high side of the sale in inn, after Wu Weihao's father dies, the business go from bad to worse in inn, the uncle also produces the idea that the end does business.

But Wu Weihao of 21 years old cannot bear however father's painstaking effort at this point all one's efforts wasted, resolutely inn below one pickaback. ,

When just beginning to manage, carry goods deliver goods, keep shop, monopolize by Wu Weihao and a companionate full-fledged member, their month only holiday of a day. When after having a deficit two years continuously, beginning to make money, the 800 companion to their engaging the load (Yaohan) supermarket announces suddenly to close down again, owed them more than 80000 yuan, let him young be about to cry without the tear.

"At that time, if do not have the support of the supplier, do not have today. Do not have today..

In cafes " brainwave easily "
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