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Invest pet breed aquatics to notice avoid all sorts of risks
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Although pet industry is one is in the burgeoning industry of boom, but investment need is discreet, should notice avoid especially all sorts of risks.

Pet dog invests a respect, because the price of breed dog is at present more expensive, the starting fund that so breed dog breeds is average not under 100 thousand yuan of RMBs, investment is large, the risk is high, income is much also. The investment risk of breed dog basically is in the following respect:

The first, culturist should have abundant fund. In high-grade pet dog price is higher, investment initial stage should buy the pet dog of 4 above commonly, build plus field wait for charge, investment cost should be in 100 thousand yuan of above. Additional, if buy, is the pet dog that just was born (the pet dog price after be brought up is more expensive) , be in after breeding a year, just produce a puppy likely, still need investor to pay several yuan fee.

The 2nd, of pet dog raise trend. Pet also has a popularity and out-of-date problem. General the popular time of dog of a kind of pet is 3 years about, the market also has to start, the process of development, subsidise, want to choose the most appropriate opportunity to enter so, exit in the rightest time, accomplish follow suit not blindly.

The 3rd, pet dog breeds a respect, canine disease is a the biggest risk. One is planted the dog hides mastiff for instance, count at every turn yuan even hundred thousands of yuan, if not minor sore point is dead, to culturist, blow is very big.

The 4th, of industry famous it is very important to spend. It is certain to had in industry normally famous degree, not only pet dog sale price is OK taller, and it is better that market also is met. For instance the sunshine kennel of Beijing is the Du Bin that China has name relatively base of canine breed aquatics. Normally before go hybridization expenditure is controlled 10 thousand yuan probably. Additional, the Du Bin dog that sunshine kennel sells, every be in basically 20 thousand yuan of above, do not allow purchaser counter-bid commonly. And kennel is in the fame of industry, want to rely on time to accumulate. Attend pet dog relevant match, it is a when make industry name good way.

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