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Do pet " soubrette " earn raise bestow favor on charge
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Raising pet is a kind of fun, but also be the expenditure with not small brushstroke. A few astute pet advocate, the pet that already used oneself via the society comes " unripe money " , raise pet allowance cost for oneself. Use pet to make money the directest method, nothing is more... than borrows oneself pet to provide hybridization service, earn fee from which. More astute investor expanded scope of operations pet marriage uprights, become technically of pet " soubrette " . Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study says, pet hybridization collects fees tall, demand is little, enter a doorsill low, increase Guangzhou municipality increasing to raising the limitation of pet, the business of pet hybridization may be faced with atrophy, do very hard big.


The look for a partner in marriage on pet net

"With the person, when pet also has loneliness. " of Guangzhou bestow favor on owner A predestined relationship to tell a reporter implicatively, the hybridization demand that is pet is ecbolic the business that is pet look for a partner in marriage. Before a few months, a begins oestrus along the raised dog that compare bear, to find with oneself pet " be matched for marriage " object, a predestined relationship is elaborative. See the blank of pet hybridization market, a tries to make this pupil suggestion along the decision. However, the reporter sees in net of pet marriage interpose subsequently, the person that provides pet hybridization service along same hair post with A cans be found everywhere. One bestows favor on owner hair post to say: Because raise pet consumption is exorbitant, be enlightened uses the pet hybridization of oneself to earn have a snack to stave off hunger to stick too.

Pet hybridization also needs " blow one's own trumpet " , besides the blood relationship of dog dog and certificate of bear the palm, the appearance of pet, disposition also is to sell a site. A pet that bestows favor on owner to be his hits advertisement to say, oneself dog Tibetan mastiff " shoulder height close 90cm, clever and magnificent and martial, lively. " , ask at the same time hybridization square " strain is good, taste be on intimate terms, lowest to amount to class A " . As we have learned, at present most pet host is through coming in post of pet website hair connection arrives " client " , be in Guangzhou to have not appear to manage the orgnaization of pet hybridization technically.

   Collect fees

Social status is different collect fees each different

Oneself pet has only normally, do not have method to satisfy the requirement of all sorts of different pet. Accordingly, begin to extend business after A Yuanzhi, expand scope of operations pet marriage interpose. A predestined relationship says, pet marriage interpose also is to help pet seek the target of hybridization actually, what earn nevertheless is intermediary cost just.

The body condition of pet, one's previous experience social status that decided pet. In hybridization service, bestow favor on owner not less to regard pet hybridization as the rate of the service with this. A predestined relationship says in his advertisement: "3 acting studbook, size award is gotten in match of of all kinds pet, complete a check-up is proof, individual very outstanding, from Hong Kong and Taiwan or abroad is introduced " borrow kind of pet, collecting fees is 3000 ~ 10000 yuan, "Individual and 3 acting studbook, beautiful, check-up proves " collecting fees is 1000 ~ 3000 yuan, "Without studbook, but individual lively and sterling also, clever " collecting fees is 100 ~ 900 yuan.
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