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Remain to reclaim atelier of pet photography substance
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Parents of no less than wants to record the dribs and drabs in issueing the child to grow with the photograph, a lot of pet host also hope to be dog of beloved feline cat dog to film a lively and lovely photograph serves as accept as a souvenir. Was certain the business chance in the center, 25 years old bilk a gentleman at be being opened before New Year " October 1st sets shadow workshop " , formal sortie pet photographs. He says, oneself still are Soho gens at present, wait for opportunity maturity to will establish the hypostatic atelier that pet photographs.

As different as character photography, "You should be in very short time, let an animal give up the wariness to stranger and animosity, overcome the scared feeling to camera, and dispatch to pat the photograph of feeling still needs to be caught in great quantities pat " . Bilk a gentleman to think, pet photography is interesting, have the job with challenge, tall redound.

   The expert comments on: Add item of have as an attached institution

The competitor with pet current photography is not much, the market although crudely but have perspective. Besides pet photography, service of professional pet kinescope also should have demand. Additional, can consider to add item of a few have as an attached institution, in order to increase potential profit. For instance, offer imprint sundrily the product that has client pet picture, be like catenary of single-page calendar, key, greeting card, cup, cat child, T-shirt unlined upper garment, seat cushion.


  Set hypostatic studio

A year ago, bilked a gentleman to open " October 1st sets shadow workshop " . To open the market, he and elder brother were made together " October 1st sets shadow workshop " website, bask in the work that basks in oneself as propagandist means on one hand, talk of everything on the other hand associate with loves to bestow favor on a good friend. "In addition, I still go up in website of a few pet constantly hair card, to pet QQ group on leave a message, look to whether friend promising pet takes the need of the photograph. " bilk gentleman say.

Bilk a gentleman to think, pet photography is OK and full-time also can hold two or more posts concurrently, it is a foundation with residing a life to illuminate, hold <> concurrently set exterior to film.

As we have learned, the basis films Zhang Shu and of the characteristic that make different, bilk a gentleman to collect fees pet photography cent is 288 yuan, 488 yuan and 888 yuan 3 class. Practice a year since, bilked a gentleman to had filmed the pet photograph of 5 above, have hundreds yuan income every months on average. He says, still belong to now fumble level, establish special hypostatic atelier possibly to be engaged in pet photography in the future.

   Business chance

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