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The man is about to open a company to become pet is detective
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Mr Zhao introduces pet detective, need 1/5 shell fluid to be able to find dog of a pet only.

Morning paper dispatch speaks of detective, often can emerge in people brain Er giving blessing the scene of thorough dangerous place of complete in both respects of Ma Sizhi brave, or the priviate dective dogs tail pry " prey " the occasion of privacy, but you know to be as pet in people heart of the position rise increasingly, the detective that insular city appeared to serve technically for pet? Yesterday, mr Zhao discloses the pet detective that comes from Tai'an, city of his detective place island " try do business " after a month, the business is good still, at present he prepares to register a company, when the pet detective of full-time.

Search pet to have 3 " treasure "

The gentleman that occupy Zhao introduces, at the beginning he is to do building decorate to work, "Pet is detective " skill learned when Shanghai is away on official business 2003, he heard accidental opportunity at that time the talk of pet detective and client, know very well pet is master people think to Mr Zhao of the fervent degree of pet this group has wide development perspective, then the decision is waited for in Shanghai, the skill when pet detective was learned in pet detective.

Introduce according to him, courtship causes the reason most of pet be lost. If bestow favor on content host not to grasp pet physiology pattern, pet is met in rut fretted uneasiness, flounce off rope be lost very easily. Right now pet, particularly sensitive to opposite sex smell and hearing, the just when pet detective is searching the pet that just lost was to use this at 2 o'clock. "Above all all round the missing site that we can use artificial compound object fluid to asperse pet all the time from the door mouth of owner of lost property, broadcast the magnetic tape of pet cry in missing dot next, at the same time we still can call out the name that calls this pet softly, if pet is missing,have 9 days only, the possibility that seeks a pet so is very large.

"A resident of the village after float hill will lose dog of wool of a gold June this year, we just aspersed a servent labour is humoral be less than 2 hours, missing dog down humoral came home. " Mr Zhao says, in this process, pet is detective also cannot at a loose end, because probably the pet with other missing owner of lost property comes, once pet detective discovers the pet that come and owner of lost property want to look for target-seeking pet feature to not agree with, drive away the pet that come instantly.

If time of pet be lost is longer, mr Zhao still has same " treasure " , the pet dog that is him then -- one 30 centimeters or so long " baby " dog, "With dog search dog " . "Searching for a dog best is German sheperd dog, but do not let raise this kind of large dog inside city, I can look for this kind of small-sized dog to serve as substitute only. Such small-sized dog is carried convenient, but search for ability to want difference a lot of. " Mr Zhao says.
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