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Open pet hairdressing inn to had wanted 3 gates cage
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"Tonsorial " the hairdressing shop with good technology needs to make an appointment " tonsorial " , a few the technology is wrong days have a client hard, hairdressing industry has business chance, have a risk likewise. The person that standing vice-chairman Wang Jianhua reminds association of Wuhan dog trade to go, set up shop has wanted 3 gates cage.
Boss of inn of aristocratic pet hairdressing holds beautician Fan Dan concurrently to tell a reporter, optional location of inn of hairdressing of pet opening the home is very crucial. Rely on to be in flourishing and luxurious village, street or drawing near pet market seeks to live on, it is before last choosing. These places can have fixed client and mature market to drive a client commonly group come round to consume.
Learn professional hairdressing skill, it is to attract turn round the guest's assurance. Fan Dan says, to the name division attend school does not fall 5 times after him Ceng Xian, newspaper class, buying a book is more do not grudge absolutely.
Additional, hairdressing equipment and environment are decorated etc basic investment is indispensable also. Inside inn of aristocratic pet hairdressing, the scissors that gives dog dog hairdressing repeatedly, comb is foreign entrance, the price does not poor. Want like comb of a stainless steel 300 multivariate, a scissors 1000 ~ differ 2000 yuan, desk of hairdressing of dog of a dog 1000 yuan, blower of dog of a dog is to be as high as 669 yuan more. "Such calculating come down, invest inn of a hairdressing to need many yuan 10 at least. Invest inn of a hairdressing to need many yuan 10 at least..

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