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Place of fosterage of domestic type pet has be heated is held in both hands
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"11 " long holiday will come, travel or many owner, neighbor plans to go out is to come home visit one's family, but " stay behind " the pet of Guangzhou, flowers and plants, empty room, outside letting your person be in the ground, does the heart fasten Guangzhou? This week village edition will roll out a series of long holidays to look after the house " wise move " , teach you to go out chicly row.

Times dispatch (Li Junyan of Zou Jie of reporter of learn on job's times reporter) the Jessica of blue Kang Yuan is looking forward to eagerly " 11 " long holiday while, unavoidable concern her beloved pet dog wants " defend empty boudoir alone " . Nevertheless, the pet fosterage service of nowadays Guangzhou has comparatived popular, still appear special " take sb in " the home of the pet of celibate doggie.

Provide service of pet network video

Jessica tells a reporter, hospital of Guangzhou major pet also can provide fosterage service. Generally speaking, pet hospital is put the doggie into basket, time hello feed feed water, though anyhow has a place that make one's home, "The little baby that thinks of him home nevertheless should be shut a week, still be in the heart very cannot bear " . And, a few lively good the doggie that move is in basket by " hold back " after on one week, meeting disposition be agitated " if,sentence two dogs " . Accordingly, domestic type pet is mandatory heat of the person that place suffers dogginess fully is held in both hands.

Place of fosterage of pet of some family type is north of white cloud highway technically the doggie is offerred " mandatory " service, besides can resemble be in in the home outside same swing, the doggie still can listen to time the light music that broadcast falls asleep, with other doggies an amuse oneself. The garden of fosterage Eden grows the experience that 20 raise pet for years, treat fosterage doggie to also show consideration for very, she still offerred network video to serve, "Let a dog advocate the case that also can see a doggie outerly through network video " . Garden is long tell a reporter, booked at present " 11 " the doggie that fosterage serves is very much, "I can receive a doggie only, cannot collect big dog, too much also look to come nevertheless " . Because the doggie of fosterage is too much, garden is long want to receive a few kittens " mandatory " be no good, the meeting in home of for fear that performs big fight of dog of a cat.

Collect fees by bodily form little open for a long time

As we have learned, be in Guangzhou, be not minority like such fosterage place, but the fosterage place that opens for a long time is less however. Near turf the boss A K of place of fosterage of family of a pet expresses, "11 " during they also may go out, cannot fosterage doggie, "And doing fosterage to serve is too tired really " . Generally speaking, fosterage collects fees press the bodily form of the doggie and decide, the fosterage of small-sized dog is commonly everyday 10 ~ 15 yuan, large dog wants in everyday 15 ~ differ 25 yuan. If provide food by dog host, fosterage cost is relative less.
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