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Photography leading role becomes city of ferry of pet pet beautiful photo to be
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Report will take channel of xinhua net Tianjin on September 11 the thing that covers individual photo what to to consider fresh, but if turn filmed protagonist into pet, do you feel to there is bit of meaning?

The area makes the same score Tianjin river on the west inside the center of a pet near mountain line, the Xi Shi dog that has hair hold tight is plunged into on the head only, below the direct of a staff member, bend over to go up in cushion a little while, lie again a little while was in on the sofa of baby blue. Although Xi Shi dog is a bit impatient, just bend over fell to stand immediately, but these poses that it places still were collected to score lens in advance by the cameraman on. The Liu Mou of master and middleaged woman of Xi Shi dog, very favorite to this doggie, every other can take it to bathe to pet center for some time make model. Pet center rolled out photo business, this just finished only formative doggie is enjoyed instantly.

The reporter was visited other orgnaization of hairdressing of a few pet is informed, the price of pet photo divides two kinds into odd Zhang He to cover a department. Film commonly odd piece photo is illuminated is according to every pieces of 20 yuan price collection, the price that covers a department is controlled in 120 yuan.

As we have learned, building of image of a few small-sized photo also has film pet keeps true business, some still can give a scene shot on location even, film pet is outdoors play the photo that waits for setting piece, want to add the exterior that receives 100 yuan to 500 yuan to differ additionally to expend nevertheless.

The staff member of beauty parlour of a pet expresses, feed is rare the host of breed pet, often should take pet people attend show meeting or game. Because not was pet technically to film the shadow building of the photograph, the host of pet just began to be patted to photo image building, but the photograph foreigner that takes feels quite beautiful, but bestow favor on content breed characteristic to cannot be revealed well however,come out, so some pet centers begin to add photography business.

Affirm from inside the mouth of cameraman, pet photo just began to film it is rare breed really, just gradually common breed is added later, now almost every week can receive on two 3 sheet such business. (be over)

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