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With love and business chance of patient mining pet
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Su Biqing of our newspaper reporter's trainee Chen Liping article / graph

Estimation is guarded inside course of study, the amount of Nanning pet dog is in 30 thousand to 50 thousand between. Every dog dog food of every months, hairdressing, see a doctor wait for consumption to bring numerous business chance, cause numerous businessman attention

1, market prospect host takes pet seriously " explicit beauty "

After dinner, rambling Nanning a few places, often can see a few lovely pet dogs are in play, amuse oneself, their host gets together communicating a result aside.

"Like raising pet to resemble raising a child now, want to notice a lot of things, besides it at ordinary times outside eating and drink, every month takes hairdressing inn to do hairdressing, buy bit of small snacks to it even. " Nanning citizen Ms. Zhang says to the reporter, she raised dog of a honoured guest, it can be taken go out to take a walk after dinner everyday, with the dog dog amuse oneself around. To maintain pet beautiful beautiful figure, she every month should take dog dog to go to beauty parlour 3 times two, cost 100 yuan or so every time. Although expenditure is not little, but Ms. Zhang feels to want to make pet more beautiful only beautiful, more healthy calculate a value.

According to Ms. Zhang often the beautician of inn of hairdressing of a pet introduces the park grade of patronage, the content of pet hairdressing abounds diversity, include 5 kinds big generally speaking. Flix nurses kind: Have bathe, comb systemic hair, clear the content such as fingernail of auditive, clip, also have a ground of breed different, the design is different " hairstyle " , pet is caressed through after dressing up, flix is smooth and beautiful, alight; Oral cavity nurses kind: The dental calculus of cleared pet, unplug the service such as the tooth; The head nurses kind: Some pet tear is much, the wool of canthus contains changeful scene, wipe with respect to need appropriative liquid medicine at this moment, clear, pet should wash ear of eye, clean regularly; Clip kind: The toenail of pet is long long, need clip, people of such not easy claw; Health nurses kind: Pet also is met go to the bad, red, unripe sore, agnail, these need treatment.

Come what pet hairdressing inn does hairdressing is general with the dog kind be in the majority, arrive from manage wool draw out ear, cut toenail, wash an eye, wash bath to arrive again with bibulous towel blot moisture, blow with hair dryer work and comb dog wool, its bosom, hind leg, 4 claw reach clip the miscellaneous wool on the head... a complete set of finishs to be cost about 2 to 3 hours, and the price wait because of the bodily form of the dog and hair accident and each are not identical, the price 30 differ to 200 yuan.

In this hairdressing inn, mr Zhang tells a reporter, he raised dog of name of luck of accept of a snow, because its hair is longer, difficult do, became the frequenter of pet hairdressing inn so. Mr Zhang says, he every month expenses is nearly 200 yuan on pet hairdressing, if small snacks of dog food and dog of a few dogs is being bought when Jiashangping, the likelihood has 300 yuan or so. If plus hybridization, buy dress for the dog, purchase a toy, ask professional cameraman to take a picture to wait for it, expenditure is far more than this number.
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