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Dog of ¥ soup Mu teachs your pet hairdressing to nurse little common sense
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Pet hairdressing nurses little common sense
----Pet of soup Mu dog develops an orgnaization to offer
As social development, of people living standard raise pet hairdressing to just had bathed no longer so simple procedure, developed a series of professional technologies however. Different dog is planted use hairdressing tool and skill each are not identical, but 7 programs make most dog plants under according to:
One, brush in (tool needle combs) : Comb with the needle love dog brushs li of fur above all, can brush away dog the dead Mao Jimao that goes up personally writtens guarantee, your fur is complaisant and neat luster feeling.
2, comb (tool steel combs) : Comb with the needle after brushing li of fur, can comb with steel reentry is combed all right, whether does the examination still have short-haired pelt cash on hand to be in on body love a dog. If the wool that gets on body love a dog is done not have before bathe,the knot combs, after bathing comb more not easily a fur that also washs dog of not lucid love.
3, bathe: Soup Mu dog reminds you, when dog giving love bathes, must have chosen to agree with the shampoo that oneself love canine hair, the water that bathes commonly is warm be 35---45 degrees, winter water is warm a few taller. Will tell long hair dog commonly is normally bathe one week, and undercoat dog criterion half month bathes more appropriate.
4, blowy: After dog giving love bathes, the redundant water that gets on body love a dog with the towel with strong water imbibition divides blot, next reoccupy blower blows hair dry. When airing, also can air at the same time comb hair at the same time, the hair nature that such blowing come out, fleeciness, beautiful.
5, trim nail: The fingernail that loves a dog crosses long meeting to cause skeleton to be out of shape, walk along a Lu Laizi situation is not beautiful wait for a few problems. Even some of dog fingernail grows mat of penetrate into foot to make love dog very painful too. Cut fingernail to look very simple, actually inside have very big knowledge. Cannot cut too greatly when clip, lest cause haemorrhage. If love canine experience to cut fingernail haemorrhage too, next time the foot that scarcely allows to touch it, disposition also becomes irratable.
6, clean path of eye, ear: Dog and mankind are communicated rely on an eye, soup Mu dog reminds you, can catch with claw when the eye that loves a dog is uncomfortable, because this injures eyeball and cornea easily; Ear path of the dog also is disease of easy infection ear, (the dog that grows ear especially) love a dog to often catch ear sometimes, perhaps shake his head and have pungent secretion this is the feature that loves a dog to have ear disease, because this gives love the dog,cleaning eye and ear to animal beauty parlour regularly is very be necessary. Can prevent all sorts of eyes of love dog and auditive disease so.
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