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Open the 6 great skill of domestic pet shop!
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Leave additional kind pet shop is very pretty good, contemporary people likes additional kind thing and content, especially the 80 people after. Should let them raise cat of spider, lizard, dragon to wait additional kind of one side dispute that pet will come to show him individual character Chang Rong's easy thing, let us understand a youth to chase after those who esteem is additional kind of pet shop! Overseas, raise additional kind pet has been a new issue no longer, china also is made a sound by situation of place of this kind of rising wind, additional content will bring kind of pet city inestimable fortune.

Additional kind pet shop must notice the following above all

The first, choice of optional location of set up shop suits additional the port of kind of pet shop is very important, it pushs those who affect your set up shop conduct propaganda, people is spent to the acknowledge of your inn. No matter what do,we know, want to choose to suit the place of set up shop.

The 2nd, storefront decorates storefront decorate special also should, of individuation decorate can bring different visual result to the guest, the storefront that also is you at the same time increases atmosphere result.

The 3rd, pet is raised additional kind of pet, breed is various, the life characteristics of all sorts of pet and raise a method different. It is so before set up shop, I am built idea is old understand first palm and master additional the life characteristics of kind of pet and raise a method, such ability take care of pet correctly.

The 4th, disease precaution and treatment are other the precaution of kind of pet disease and Chang Zhi of remedial job dispute's important segment, pet it is live body, hard to avoid can appear disease symptom, the health of pet one but occurrence problem causes death very likely, leave additional kind of pet shop, get the profit that makes sure pet does not die to just can assure your set up shop above all. So, the precaution to pet disease and the study that order the job to want to have science and master.

The 5th, management leaves when your inn after rising, can do a few conduct propaganda appropriately to popularize the job, let more understanding it, understand it, like them.

The 6th, what people likes is additional kind of pet rife, of without what absolutely popularity. I am built meaning your set up shop is earlier, do the pet of a few medium, low end, when waiting for your set up shop to have certain experience redo the pet of a few high end, such meetings are a bit better.

Early days set up shop suits to do a few snakes, lizard, tortoise, dragon cat, spider, dark green rat, sweet pig, nutria still has a few new product and confuse your baby, and these compare in a popular style, be approbated easily greatly and like, because this kind pet is very lovely, the price is not expensive also. Important is in early days of your set up shop when, this kind of pet is better raise. The needle runs from opposite directions additional kind of pet shop, I recommend bus of a sunshine for you " additional kind of pet shop poineering program " . This plan can undertake all-around guidance to set up shop. Beyond a few big focal points that besides me above says, the guidance that still a lot of detail go up helps your success set up shop.
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