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How to open store of interpose of domestic pet marriage
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At present interpose of marriage of a lot of pet is to rely on beauty parlour of pet hospital, pet, it is inside the village oneself search even " relatives by marriage " . So brash conjugate, often can cause a few problems that cannot anticipate, do not be delivered of the puppy that has 1/4 blood relationship only chastely like one party or bilateral blood relationship, one party contagion affects additionally one, bilateral parent is open to question to hybridization price etc. This was service of interpose of professional pet marriage to provide market space.

Build net of interpose of professional pet marriage or marriage interpose center, integral investment wants 100 thousand yuan, the operation cost of every month is controlled in 10 thousand yuan, salary of the member that include charge of spatial rent, conduct propaganda, person and water charge of electricity are waited a moment. In income respect, interpose of general pet marriage executes home remedy rate system to spend, once mother dog becomes pregnant, will according to 300 yuan / the price collects fees, by average every months 20 are calculated, lunar income is 6000 yuan. Be in " association " in the process, still provide the additional service such as bridal chamber of bridegroom bride formal attire, newly-married and bridal chamber photography, CD of final strike out, take commemoration day. By a formal attire 50 yuan / second, bridal chamber 100 yuan / second rental, bridal chamber photographs 200 yuan / second. Such calculating come down, lunar income can amount to 14 thousand yuan, eliminate cost, embellish of lunar net profit is controlled for 4000 yuan. If the business became much, profit nature is bigger.

Although net of pet marriage interpose is a newly emerging things, potential is very great, but devoid technology content, enter a doorsill inferior also, because this market is very light saturated, the investor that pursues this trade of purpose must be landed first, market of race to control ability is profitable.

In the meantime, managing go up to also want to have distinguishing feature. Because be marriage interpose place, be about concentrate one's efforts dresses up shop some more sweetly, appearance decorates the taste that wants elegant musical sound of affection having spare time, handpick pet picture adorns meantime, outstanding " pet marriage uprights " characteristic. Indoor and general decorate can, wall adorns pet picture, indicate standard of program of service project, service, quality and rate, this investment is average 10 thousand ~2 10 thousand yuan. Appropriate choice is in storefront high-grade residence village is centered or stream of people is concentrated area, area of appearance of place of introduction of small-sized pet marriage 30 square metre can; If turn pet into integrated service center, appearance area should not less than 100 square metre.

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