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Guangzhou pet section is performed " person dog kisses "
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Xu Haixing) today is world animal day, and the Guangzhou pet red-letter day that begins during National Day, performing the fine time of a person and pet. The reporter came to spot of Guangzhou pet section yesterday, discover here it may be said " person coyote sea " , dog dog becomes here absolutely protagonist, 30 yuan of a piece entrance ticket, going in is to mix cat of dog dog cat people close and close, can you still say the feeling of person and animal is not quite close?

The concerned staff member that seizes pet division organizing committee tells a reporter, this pet section has been to be in Guangzhou the 2nd times to hold, spot person gas is hot let a staff member also sigh with emotion a bit, the Guangzhou person that fills love to pet is very much really. The reporter is in pet section two main " big canopy " inside see, dog of dog of of all kinds " infestation " among them, form is lofty outside including wool of Hasiji, gold to wait power fierce dog dog is ceaselessly in the crowd string will be strung together, make you total can hear the scream of a few girls, actually, these dog dogs are stature only fearsome, furtive in it is tender however but person.

A lot of activities were orchestrated on pet section, among them most those who let a person touch is, in begin that day, asian animal fund and net of great happy pet were held technically " 2008 Guangzhou crackajack dog " award prize, a few special goodness, can accompany the mankind, alleviate the dog dog doctor of human psychology disease won these award.

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