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International animal protects an organization to hold an exhibition in Beijing
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Before a remains that presses down in path of abide by of city of Sichuan continous bamboo, skill of a woman is adopting the child, holding a doggie in the arms single-handed queueing up to hit precautionary needle. She says, this doggie runs in their home courtyard after the earthquake, look at very pitiful, adopted, later " should take good care of this little life " .

This is one films the photograph after shake of Yuwen plain earth. On September 25, in international care animal foundation sponsors " the paean of life -- the person in earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River and animal " picture make one's rounds is exhibited on, this photograph and brief literal specification touched a lot of audiences.

"The earthquake is the disaster with person and collective animal, the life of the animal is likewise commendable. And before disaster, animal and domestic animals or people rebuild the hope of home. " an audience that makes Wang Kunpeng says.

This the exhibition collected many 60 photograph. The puppy in the photograph -- the rescueing dog that helps people in remains, duckling that struggles in floor break, with master meet again doggie after be being stranded a few days 10 -- appear frail and helpless.

According to statistic, earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River claimed the life of many 1000 animal, and because of calamity the domestic animals of become destitute and homeless is countless more. To help the person of disaster area and animal, the abide by think that international cherishs animal foundation to expedite deliverance group to reach continous bamboo city is pressed down, the means that uses inject vaccine and humane processing to the animal removes the public is safe to health of the respect anxious. In government sector and local vet cooperate to fall, town of abide by path did not produce animal epidemic situation, also do not have large-scale catch kill an animal.

International animal protection organizes Asian area to always say on behalf of Ge Rui: "We hold this exhibition is to wake up people to be opposite all round the attention of life. Carry these pictures, we can bona fide feeling is opposite by disaster area people the simple affection of the animal. We can bona fide feeling is opposite by disaster area people the simple affection of the animal..

This the exhibition will be in Beijing on September 25 Dashanzi is artistic the area kicks off, dot of and other places of the college that after this still will be in Beijing, bazaar, park exhibits, predict to last two many months.

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