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First dog Cultural Festival performs Zhengzhou Central Plains dog dog edition "
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On October 3, the Central Plains that holds in Zhengzhou on first dog Cultural Festival, dog dog people be dressed up to get be gorgeously dressed, ordinal be on red carpet big " beautiful " talent. Golden wool dog, Xue Narui, Beijing cling to, the scene of dog of a few pet such as butterfly dog is old PK, attracted the eyeball of the audience.

On this wonderful dog dog show, dog of wool of fair dog gold " son son " obtain full-court welcome, it not only the appearance is martial, understanding, still can use mix aloud talk with master cropland gentleman in a low voice, additionally it still knows its age. Golden wool of 3 years old " happy force " performed a game of wonderful know how to read to the audience.

Dog of a butterfly makes the whole audience optimal, its specialty is met namely of 20 less than add decrease by the conversion that divide, no matter how host alternates, it can if answer flows.

In race site, more dog dog makes a friend on the spot, edition of dog of the dog that perform " Romeo and Juliet " close setting. The tacit understanding between meantime dog dog and host cooperated to win audience applause again and again. (Zhao Jie of reporter Zhu Xiaojuan)

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