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Dog of on athletics contest 75 pet is intense compare greatly go all out
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American Missouri held annual pet dog contest 4 numbers, share 75 pet dog guiding next attending masterly intense compare greatly go all out. We let go to competition ground having a look below.

Contest cent is 5 projects: Contest of address sex race, UFO, rate competition, circuitous contest and diving are surpassed. The pet dog of this black comes on stage above all, look, its do all one can jumps, 9.4 meters, new world record was born.

In rate competition, champion of match of 3 whole nations Weir take the lead, do not give be concerned about seize chief again.

And the sheperd dog that comes from city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth, 6 years old carry a gram to be in collect is address in be being surpassed with the outflank of speed, gain the championship.

In stirring freestyle UFO contest, abandon hope to cooperate tacit understanding with its host, they are in leg of 2 minutes, accompany those who follow a music to gain a victory.

The match this year still added item of a preference, person and dog athletics. In the hip of spot audience, champion of Olympic Games diving not began the race inside Weierjinsen and doggie 2000. The likelihood is the champion title that was fear of Weierjinsen, mo Xian gets confidence to be not worth inside.

But who cares about match result truly again? The host of spot audience, dog and take part in the match dog people it is happy in the match.

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