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Section of pet of the 2nd Guangzhou will open contest at the National Day
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Nearly 300 rare dogs, blooded cat, golden week of this National Day will give ovine city citizen to bring a vivid and lively pet show once more.

"Section of pet of the 2nd 2008 Guangzhou and contest of world name dog " will in October 2~5 day every sky midday 9 when to evening 21 when in sports center of the Milky way. It is reported, the biggest this year hotspot is contest of dog of first frisbee of countrywide.

According to introducing, frisbee regards a brand-new dog as athletic form, begin alive bound limits nearly two years inside arisen, pay close attention to by canine friend. During current pet section, guangzhou will run the throughout the country the first complete, the frisbee dog contest of top level. Introduce according to contest organizing committee, the whole nation's outstanding frisbee dog does not exceed 30, guangzhou collected 5~6 at present the contest dog of only high level, call the whole nation town of military importance of dog of 3 big frisbee with Beijing, Shanghai.

Pet section executes entrance ticket to make, every pieces 30 yuan. With the name the dog outshines the rest set each other off becomes an interest, cat of blooded world name is exhibited also will meet with the citizen. Join the be pregnant horse that exhibit to pull cat of undercoat of cat of undercoat of elegant cat, Persia cat, exotic undercoat cat, United States, England, Scotland to snap the many outstanding assortment such as ear cat, cloth idol cat cat of name of nearly 100 worlds. In addition, pet section spot returns assemble things of pet of actor of domestic and international numerous name is revealed.

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