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Cultural Festival of Central Plains dog is about to kick off a canine comparing
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Report from our correspondent whose dog is more beautiful? Whose canine blood relationship is more sterling? 11 holiday, we frequently!

The reporter learns yesterday, by the great river newspaper and association of trade of Henan province dog sponsor " Cultural Festival of dog of 2008 Central Plains and contest of world name dog " will on September 30 ~ will be in on October 5 international of Zhengzhou Central Plains reads extensively the center kicks off. At the appointed time, aux will be able to sees citizens numerous the elegant demeanour of the world name dog that sees inaccessibly at ordinary times.

According to controller of contest organizing committee a surname gentleman introduces, during this second activity is prepared, got a lot of companies are answered actively with the lover that raise a dog, the enterprise brought them the pet things of newest development and pet food, already pet dress also has articles for use of pet physical training. The love dog to let oneself tries skill on competition ground, compare a discretion with world name dog, a lot of readers also loved a dog to sign up for his eagerly. A surname gentleman tells a reporter, during the match, the citizen is divided can see dog of numerous world name, still can view and admire the wonderful program such as show of gout of pet of exhibition of artwork of Gu Jin dog, family.

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