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Dog of name of the 3rd world of 2008 Dalian city is exhibited
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If you also are the person of dogginess, this month 29 days 9 when hold in labor park " dog of name of the 3rd world of 2008 Dalian city shows an activity " not allow to miss! At the appointed time, team of dog of our city soldiers and police also spot boost the morale of, the performance attacks bite, flash over circle, pour the acrobatics such as wirewalking.

According to introducing, world name dog of two days reveals by a definite date the activity is sponsorred by association of trade of dog of department of park of Dalian city scenery, Dalian. Reveal an activity to include domestic dog group, more what Mao Xin of canine group, toy dog group and loose division dog, Xue Narui dog, gold answers gundog, Caucasian dog is alone reveal with the performance. Dog of our city soldiers and police attacks spot performance bite, flash over circle, wirewalking, go up the program such as scaling ladder.

Already had more than 70 variety up to now more than 200 renown dog signs up, of breed, of the amount numerous, it is Dalian all previous dog surpasses most.

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