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2008 Kunming complete dog is planted exhibit judge and training match
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On October 5, by Chinese job canine government institute is sponsorred, base of police dog of Kunming of the Ministry of Public Security undertakes " 2008 Kunming complete dog is planted exhibit judge and training match " , will hold in base of Kunming police dog. This second activity will install 6 matches content, include complete dog to plant exhibit judge, Kunming dog is exhibited alone, the dog exhibits Malinua alone, show of obedient training match, variety is revealed reach special skill to perform contest.

The activity will be taken take part in the match the 20% superior dog of canine gross chooses the place, and dog of bear the palm will be qualified attend dog of 2008 China job to manage association complete dog to plant exhibit judge and contest of superior of training race year.

In the meantime, this second activity will provide inspect and learn each other's work for broad personage love a dog, communicate, the platform that communicate and learns, come from the province such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Guangxi at the appointed time (city) the lover raising a dog of the area, will carry more than 300 dog to attend show of training match, variety to reveal, special skill performance, begin chip of the civilized conduct propaganda that raise a dog, registration book love a dog, inject, dog at the same time medicines and chemical reagents of training, dog, nurse things and feed are on sale, love dog nurses, health love a dog seeks advice wait for an activity.

It is reported, the activity is accepted since this day sign up, come to will end on September 30. The match does not accept the spot to sign up. Contact signing up: Consider 彧 ; Mailbox: Kmguyu@163.com; Phone: 0871-5223199, 13888185689. (exercitation reporter 10 thousand static Fei) city times

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