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United States of beautiful cat Mi
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On October 15, in square of garden of new York Mai Dixun, the 6th cat choosing that association of the person that all alone Ya Wusishangmu loves a cat in the United States holds kisses to take part in the match on beautiful contest preelection feline Mi. Formal match will be held on the weekend, the purpose of the match still depends on revealing new York the largest feline pet store and roam about feline asylum. Wednesday of   of Championships of   of Cat of   of Iams of   of Association of Fanciers   of   of Cat of   of The of   of Of of   of Preview of   of   The of During of   of   Shelter of Animal of   of Local of   of A of   of At of Kitten   of   of   A of   Kisses of Sonja   Urstom, oct. 15, york of   of New of   of In of Garden   of Square   of   of Madison of   of 2008   At. Weekend of   of This of   of Held of   of Be of   of Wil of   of The   Show.

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