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Dalian 29 days, 30 days daily show of talent of two families dog
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29 days, 30 days daily show of talent of two families dog

The reporter is in know from city scenery gardens yesterday, dog of name of the 3rd world of 2008 Dalian city shows an activity, had finished early days to arrange the job, will on September 29, 30 days are held in labor park, will include 18 different sort, different group among them other name dog is revealed, match activity.
According to introducing, this world name dog reveals an activity to more than 200 more than 70 breed, renown dog signs up. The contest that shortly will hold and in showing an activity, sheperd dog of the dog Tibetan mastiff besides major, golden wool dog, Caucasian dog, Germany is revealed outside, the dog of soldiers and police that comes from group of our city soldiers and police also will perform what see inaccessibly to attack bite, flash over circle, go up the acrobatics performance such as scaling ladder.

Additional, raise the characteristic with more dog in the light of our city family, department of city scenery park and association of Dalian dog trade also will be during the activity, arrange show of 4 pet talent and dog of a family technically to reveal an activity to wait for domestic dog, raise a dog to build the platform of experience communication for citizen family. Pet talent performs midday of daily cent fluctuation two, time is respectively 9 when - 10 when and 13 when - 14 when.

(reporter Zhao Yunying) (origin: Dalian daily)

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