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Dog of the 3rd royal cup of Guangzhou is surpassed only entrance ticket income e
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Heart of the person that sponsor is made in most match entrance ticket in forever painful, so a match becomes entrance ticket to achieve truly receive large family, according to statistic, the head that contest of dog of the 3rd royal cup of Guangzhou and Guangzhou love to bestow favor on week of activity to begin attracted more than 30 thousand one day to bestow favor on friend to come the spot is watched, only entrance ticket income exceeds 600 thousand first days, this is in low recently infuse is really in confused the manners and morals of the time strong heart needle is general, look, in canine contest hold glorious of can new coruscate well actually as the entrance ticket that chicken ribs, still write down so that that entrance ticket achieves cup of article of article of 4 years of Tianjin stop begin to exchange fire head artillery piece, but the profit that the canine contest later has had very hard really on entrance ticket, besides like Shanghai inferior bestow favor on and so on to have quite pet things is united in wedlock, so, should let entrance ticket become do exhibit advocate income, it is a knowledge really, the consumptive consciousness of an area, love bestows favor on estate, still have group do square attraction method, be short of one cannot.

Lovely dog dog also comes to competition ground seek his other in part

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