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Necklace of pet of far infrared ray
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Necklace of pet of far infrared ray

Current, more and more people have the beauty parlour on the pet that takes his regularly, hospital nursing serving as with health care a kind of vogue raises the kind of pet, also make the central point that people pays close attention to about pet hairdressing and product of healthy new science and technology. The Chinese pet aquatic animals that the reporter holds in the near future notices on exhibition, one is plant " necklace of pet of far infrared ray " the look that drew many people -- , need to take its the neck in dog of feline cat dog only, with respect to the result that can achieve hairdressing thin body and health care easily.

Far infrared ray has radioactivity, as light, it does not need air of by means of, can communicate organism directly. What differ with visible light, close infrared ray is, it has very intense osmosis force, accordingly can thorough subcutaneous tissue, from body of body interior warmth, give biology cell energy. In addition, be in after encountering far infrared ray, the molecular vibration between material can become more and more intense, the function of the body also can be in lively and exuberant phase.

Necklace of far infrared ray is a basis this principle, carry the action of far infrared ray, in pet hairdressing respect promotional physiology oxidizes reductive reaction, reduce redundant adipose accumulation, the eduction of stimulative sweat fluid and heavy metal, toxin; Hemal Yu thing excludes in respect of pet health care, make blood expedite, promotional cell activation and basal metabolis are led, make metabolism normal, lymphocyte increases, such immune systems can get ameliorative, resistance also can increase.

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