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Build a pet basket to obtain national exterior patent
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  Heart net dispatchFang Weizhong of 32 years old lives in developing zone of De Qing economy the kiln below group of Guo Zhaocun friendship 53. Come for years, his love thinks was giving a name in the village. A few days ago, condense him of many painstaking effort " pet basket " file national exterior patent successfully already.

On December 15, the reporter saw black thin thin Fang Weizhong. "I love to start work very much as a child, come down to often consider an issue for nothing, take ' pet basket ' the exterior is patent, just be the first step that my patent files. I still am concerned at environmental protection product and closestool two patent products of energy-saving setting respect are being run in, next year can apply for. " Fang Weizhong tells a reporter so.

The reporter sees, fang Weizhong makes " pet basket " make an appointment with 110cm high, wide make an appointment with 95cm, heft 48 kilograms, comprise by steel material entirely, making what person surprises is, whole " pet basket " need not complementary join, the alveolus that the Luo that relies on to solder only is buckled and gets goes all out outfit. "Contemporary family raises pet to cannot leave basket, common basket is not firm, still need Luo hammer to wait complementary, if little which, whole basket cannot be used. The container that I design is torn open outfit is convenient, need not when can put do not take a place aside, market potential should be very great. " the design concept that Fang Weizhong introduces him so.

That day morning, agile ground demonstrated Fang Weizhong trick " pet basket " tear open outfit process. Via spot computation, his " pet basket " from disassemble end to installation again, when be being used only 4 minutes, very convenient really.

As we have learned, benchwork has learned after the graduation in square Wei Zhongchu, had driven a tractor 5 years again later, become business director in limited company of some steel structure at present. At the beginning of this year, he what all have rich experience is made make container for a friend that raises pet in benchwork and steel structure, the result gets of the friend praise. The friend reminds him to say: "Your basket is done very well! Why to file a patent? Why to file a patent??

Will rise April this year, fang Weizhong begins to make the conception in brain long already " pet basket " . He buys professional steel wire from Henan province piece, wholesale high quality rolled steel, the dimension that indicates strictly according to blueprint is operated. After experience fails for many times too, he is very satisfactory " pet basket " finishing after 4 months. After sample is taken out, fang Weizhong begins to bureau of prefectural science and technology immediately patent application works, obtained the exterior patent letter that bureau of national intellectual property issues finally.

As we have learned, just defend faithful design to make " pet basket " every price 400 - 500 yuan. Current, his product is divided outside selling as far as to the pet market that saves city of bright and beautiful state to Liaoning, still opened the market successfully in long triangle area, already 100 many products sold go out, many travelling merchant express to order goods intent. Author: Reporter Mei Yingjun edits reporter Ma Xiusong: Orchid
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