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Holand makes beer of water giving a dog
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The dog is human good friend, but dog giving a dog drinks beer, this sounds very fresh still. Holand has so a pet shop boss, the beer that gives a kind to taste delicious, nutrition is abounded for dog production. Reported a few days ago according to American media, special beautiful it is Holand south town the boss of shop of a pet, she is the contriver of this kind of beer. She says, oneself invention inspiration originates of last year chase the action: Become warped round bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of Yu   inferior cling to common of narrow of  of  of  of abundant of condyle of  of  busy Ji makes an appointment with anxiety of R of cease of Hao of  of Mu Yun of box road  illuminate Yao of ⒈ of Zu of whistle of  of Xie Jifei Jia of moth of Lv Chu  is circled [herd of exhausted   , let it also solve recover from fatigue, carry life-giving. " special beautiful a winery that place of Ze Erhe Mu trusts after going back to the motherland from Austria produces a kind of nonalcoholic beer. Special beautiful say, this kind of wine is made with beef juice and wheat tooth, nutrition is rich and flavour is delicious, special the taste that accords with a dog. She gives entitle of this kind of wine Kwispelbier. "Kwispel " the means in Dutch " shake tail " . Pet dog beer already appeared on the market in Holand last week, its advertisement word is " to you best friend comes bottle of beer " . Special beautiful still say, this kind of beer also suits the mankind drinkable, one bottle sells 1.65 euro (add up to 2.14 dollars) about.

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