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Heart clear farmer is invented " pet basket "
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Online dispatch does not need lake city screw join, very firm however go to the lavatory again installation and carry " pet basket " , won national patent a few days ago. Patent gainer is De Qing county Wu Kang presses down an average farmer.
This farmer calls Fang Weizhong, this year 32 years old, side person is done " pet basket " the avocation that is him, at present his advocate course of study still is to be in company of a steel structure to make installation. Speak of " pet basket " invention, fang Weizhong one face is excited, he tells a reporter, , he has a friend that raises pet, want to make a few container that involve pet, let him help. In the process that make, fang Weizhong learned the family that pet raises in the city now is increasing, there is no lack of among them in need high-grade " pet basket " information.
After the Fang Weizhong that has this respect base comes home, consider, pass 3 many months turn over a second-round exam to make, this year in August, one does not need any tools to be able to be assembled rise, and convenient carry " pet basket " was born.
According to introducing, as a result of this " pet basket " the exterior is novel, quality is reliable, sell past Jiangzhe Shanghai to be taken not only, still sell as far as to northeast 3 provinces. This year in October, still won exterior country patent.
Make " pet basket " can win national patent, this aroused the interest that Fang Weizhong produces greatly. It is reported, there still are two projects that can file national patent on his hand at present, one is to use trash to make environmental protection building materials, another is energy-saving respect, and already conceived maturity. Fang Weizhong tells a reporter, if somebody is right his " invention " be interested, and have will " invent " the ability of translate into product, he is willing free is offerred.

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