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(Aiwa Kafu) pet food enrols business
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EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) the outstanding brand that the whole world shares
EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) , it is the crackajack brand of pet industry. The connotation of the love that because of its brand place contains and fine quality, get the self-identity of global pet lover deeply. It is EVAKRAFT below (Aiwa Kafu) the partial product of pet food things:
Product of snacks series part:
EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) cutlet of classical Germany calf (pet snacks) , quality is excellent, high grade beef is machined and become choicely, flavour sweet beauty, dainty sex is admirable, nutrition is rich, without additive, but long-term edible. Suit what all dog dog makes snacks and compensatory nutrition to use, it is the optimal choice of the award when serving as training more, it is dog dog baby people super favorite classical snacks!
EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) silk of chicken of Chinese caterpillar fungus (pet snacks) , global initiate, costly Chinese caterpillar fungus and excellent chicken perfect union, not only dainty sex is top-ranking, and nutrition is extremely rich, have to pet dog dog enhance a constitution, defer anile, protection heart, add the appetite, special effect that improves airframe immunity function, expressed the mankind's infinite to pet darling love deeply! .
EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) exquisite chicken breast (chicken snacks) , the small chicken brisket that is used to production in the light of the food of pet works, those who avoided chunk chicken to work is medium or small the circumstance that pet dog eats harder, recipe of raw material of handpick and admirable chicken is produced, outstanding dainty sex, pet darling prefers to eat more easily.
Sanitarian strain lists partial product:
EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) dog colostrum (tall nutrition calcium is suckled piece) , contain a lot offine dog colostrum, calcic, vitaminic wait for component, nutrition of rapid complement of the love dog that can be you and feline Mi, enhance immune power, suit young dog particularly, be pregnant dog, ill old dog and all dog and cat, have outstanding dainty sex and effect of tall calcic tall nutrition the advantage of perfect union, it is the good food of pet nutrition health care, recreational snacks and training.
EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) advanced strong calcic element (filling calcium pink) , this tasting for natural active Quan Rong is advanced nourishment of filling calcium pet, contain all sorts of element of rich bone calcium, phosphatide, albumen, ossein, cartilage, amino acid to reach a variety of organic matter, the quantity that contain iron is the flesh kind 3 times, puissant and compensatory calcium mixes the pet darling that can be you character a variety of nutrition.
EVAKRAFT (Aiwa Kafu) magical nutrition appetizing agent, the food of pet dog dog that has magical appetizing effect mixes dust, suit particularly due to illness anorexia, inappetence and carry the pet dog in order to that feed to flavor take food. Contain all sorts of element of rich bone calcium, phosphatide, albumen, ossein, cartilage, amino acid, organic substance, the pet darling that can be you more complements quickly nutrition.
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