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The use method with hematic only bug
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Hematic bug is clean (Beinier) it is medicaments of a kind of chemical synthesis, it is cure establishs a gram pig of purpose of body of second family name, ox, sheep adds body of red blood cell to want drug illy. This medicine is yellow or orange yellow powder, taste is bitter, yi Rong at water, become angry below sunshine, aqueous solution crystallizes at the separate out below microtherm.
1 utility
This medicine has the effect of protozoon of sex of the parasitism in killing and wound cattle blood, it is the efficient medicaments of the disease that therapist cultivate anxious bug, limit worm, awl bug and pig add system of red blood cell.
2 usage dosage
Clean pink of 2.1 blood bug every are bottled measure 1 gram, the solution that adds 20ml sterilization distilled water to match 5 % makes coxal and deep-seated muscle divide bit of inject.
2.2 general light case use 3.5mg/Kg can. Heavy-duty case of illness criterion with 5-9mg/Kg advisable, but sensitive to pair of this medicine such as horse, ass, mulish, buffalo animal, unfavorable exceed 5mg/Kg.
2.3 light-duty case of illness note medical 1-2 second can get effective, the heavy-duty case with body better condition can use drug 3 times, every other uses drug 48 hours 1 times.
2. Cultivate of 4 common disease notes medicine at the same time (or before noting medicine) appropriate gives strong heart, the constitution is differred and use the sick domestic animal of high dose especially, still should give infusion, can decrease or avoid the undesirable reaction that causes because of medicaments save up.
2.5 in later period sick domestic animal often behaves bowel of frail, anaemic, yellow subcutaneous ulcer, extensive haemorrhage, stomach to serious ulcer, digestive function is poorer etc, the Western medicine in must cooperating is mixed to disease medicaments strengthen pair of sick domestic animal nurse wait for measure.
2.6 later period are serious case of illness, function is damaged badly already, drive bug body, still cannot recover entirely. Should deserve to use nutrient remedy.
2.7 after using drug, when slight side-effect is short inside can disappear by oneself. When like a few disease cultivate shows toxic symptom, the medicine such as trailing plants of Tuo of usable atropine, analgin, tendril and infusion law alleviate.
3 notes
3.1 finished product are pulverous, moistureproof avoid smooth, room temperature is saved, if happen,become angry phenomenon, still can use.
3.2 blood bug issues Yi Rong in room temperature completely at water, aqueous solution encounters cold separate out to crystallize, usable 30-40 ℃ is used after water dissolve law is deliquescent.

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