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Global head raises dog dog sweet atmosphere to appear on the market
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Pet may not love to wear the dress, but below these, it can love certainly. Buy Coco Mademoiselle to oneself, buy KENZO bamboo to him male sweet, buy perfume of Kaloo Little Bear to the child... is this enough? The dog that why to give you buys a bottle of Oh My Dog? The famous attune sweet division of perfume of modulation of Ceng Wei Versace expends the global head that rolls out for years to raise dog dog sweet atmosphere, in the 5th highway and silver in the department store, sell more fortunately than a certain number of distinguished woman perfume. Besides elaborate modulation pure and fresh and melting before flavour, medium flavour and hind outside flavour, it pays attention to security even, cannot make dog dog sneeze more than absolutely.

Compared with Wen Xiang knowledge pet comes, perhaps you are willing to spend money in other the place that can visit so that see, that has too much choice really! It is to give it to come a luggage bag of a LV, make it grand is the region worn does oneself toy go out? Still be a Gucci necklace that enchases crystal, make it comfortable ablaze? Sleep the doghole of Burberry, take food with Alessi bowl? Want to have enough budget only, your pet can compare big star completely to have air more.

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