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"Dog language " software aids person dog communication
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Very much person love a dog has a beautiful dream, the character of diction love a dog that is hope and oneself then " communication feeling " , although eye comes round to see this not quite actual still, but if they see the information below is certain,meet glad and unusual. British media says 16 days, hungarian scientist is developing a kind actively can " understand " the software that the dog makes, can understand love dog in order to help these dogginess people truly one day " aspirations " , communicate feeling with love dog then.

Accuracy rate can amount to 43 %

Al of Hungarian capital Budapest is especially big Kesaba Maerna and his work in the same placing put forward learned zoology scientist to design " dog language " the tentative idea of software, turn into its reality. They said to had been excogitated " person dog communicates " software, having a test to its.

The process of whole test also appears quite interesting flavour, communication software of Maerna analysed 14 Hungarian Mu Di's sheperd dog many times 6000 in test the Communist Party of China the dog cries, identify the mood response that gave them to fall in 6 kinds of condition, and still undertook record and distinguishing to avery kind of. These 6 kinds of condition are respectively: When the dog is alone, when the dog sees a ball, when the dog is fighting, the dog is when amuse oneself, mix when the dog comes up against stranger when the dog takes a walk.

Maerna says, the data that records this one software inputs computer, after the computation that passes computer and analysis, people can be judged the condition falls at that time, dog place wants expressive feeling. Say according to him accuracy rate can amount to 43 % .

This group of Hungarian scientists say, although this one successful rate is at present finite still, but the successful rate of the different response that this has made through sound identifying dog than the mankind became high a lot of.

Consider to still continueing

It is reported, in above 6 kinds differ in the state, it is the most accurate that when resolution dog is fighting, software reacts with what encounter stranger, and the case that leads lowest successfully is resolution dog the cry when amuse oneself.

Maerna says, the research of scientists still will continue, and this research comes true for future true " person dog communicates " provided further help, although do not know the person of the dog,that is, can differentiate through different cry the mood condition of the dog and the meaning that he conveys. Current, the achievement of these two research of Hungarian scientist has been published was in " animal acknowledge " on monthly magazine.

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