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Country is only meerschaum cat arenaceous product is puissant appear on the mark
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Meerschaum is the best feline arenaceous raw material on the world, the high-grade cat arenaceous product on European market 80% for meerschaum cat arenaceous. Limited company of science and technology of Hunan swan goose tackles key problem through old technique obtain significant progress in respect of meerschaum extract modified eventually.
My company produces think of Bilite product of pet deodorization series, it is with tall purity meerschaum is raw material, the product of professional pet deodorization that processes through new and high technology, puissant and adsorptive pet is fecal the peculiar smell element such as hydrogen of the ammoniac gas that sends out, vulcanization, preserve the taste of clean and comfortable, as good as between pet, it is a family mix between pet deodorization of large animal farm, purify airy optimal product.
Show this product to facing agency of countrywide sincere action, the expectation with swan goose cordial science and technology can be mixed the colleague of career of things of content of broad Yu Chong having keep in mind develops jointly, achieve in all brilliant!

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