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Mai Du (Medon) it is the omnibus international brand that major devotes oneself to pet food research and development and production to make, the product involves pet solid food, wet grain, snacks 3 old series. Food of dog of form of food of the beautiful grain that think of a dog, gold nutrition dog, contest, love includes below the banner the 20 much stature brands such as clever cat food, Bo collect wet grain and series of Mai Du snacks, set of food of Mai Du pet is handpick Australia natural raw material, use international to feature of physiology of pet of Asia of advanced technology union is developed and be become. Raise pet in the round prandial nutrition, creat character of pet food gold.

The recipe is more natural: Mai Du uses the recipe technology with advanced international, use natural plant raw material, replace the chemical part that adds in common pet food, let love to bestow favor on can enjoy green food truly.

Raw material is newer: Food of Mai Du pet, strict standard control is carried out when choosing raw material, use food of one course raw material entirely, undertake guarding a pass strictly to its producing area, time, component, the growth that ensures love is bestowed favor on is healthy.
Nutrition is more balanced: Mai Du contains the nutriment with a variety of 40 indispensible pet in pet food, every kinds of nutriment has distinctive physiology function. Make sure oneself grows not only the basic need of development and daily activity, and these nutriment to maintaining immune function, fight oxidation function and nerve endocrine, and even the physiology function such as cerebral function is indispensable material foundation.

The United States thinks of a dog

● recipe of 100% comprehensive and balanced nutrition, strict according to American AAFCO standard, be developed jointly by animal nutrition expert and vet and become. Use the food processing technique with advanced international, absorb wholesomely, freshly, easily, have good dainty sex.
The animal flesh pink with ● high grade concentration and fish meal are main protein source, balanced amino acid content, be digested easily to absorb, ensure the dog is only healthy and agile.
● contains a lot ofOmega3 & Omega6 to build fur health system, the help chains water is divided, prevent common skin disease, make fur more healthy, bright lustre.
● is contained a lot ofa variety of vitamins and mineral, provide comprehensive and balanced nourishment.
● aggrandizement VA and VD calcic phosphor are balanced, help skeleton grows.