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New-style and convenient dog uses clean tooth ball
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Whether do you fight to just besmear toothpaste in dog mouth through with dog dog every time, be done is person dog unpleasantly? Rise now, likelihood again also need not tired to help tooth of dog dog clean can'ted bear. Fight the company of KONG of contriver United States of blue toy, newest roll out practical dog to use product of clean tooth series.
As we have learned, research and development of American KONG company gives a series of convenience that avoid ferment to wash toothpaste be squeezed in clean tooth ball to seam medium clean tooth toy, want to will taste only balmy and the KONG ferment that attracts dog dog is avoided wash toothpaste right amount in be being squeezed in the toy, dog dog can be attracted by flavour and gnaw toy of tooth gnawing clean ceaselessly. Come so, dog dog suffers in henry when gnawing the fun that bites a toy, also wear toothpaste the tooth at the same time above, achieve clean tooth and buccal result. Not only kill two birds with one stone and the effect is good breathtaking.
The ferment of KONG company is avoided wash toothpaste to attract dog dog besides flavour and the effect is very good besides, the price and quite favourable, the ferment that general city makes work is avoided wash toothpaste, the capacity wants 100 yuan or so to sell a RMB in 80g-100g about one, the ferment of KONG Company is avoided wash toothpaste make it of similar butter jar pack, each canister capacity has 226g, 2-3 of product of the carry out that it is city the capacity of times, also want only however identical 100 yuan price, anticipation will replace traditional and costly ferment toothpaste.

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