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The desk of pet things, pet hairdressing things, hairdressing, machine that blow
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Limited company of things of Heibei understand pet basically is to be engaged in Yu Chong things of hairdressing of content goods, pet is wholesale, equipment of collect pet hairdressing is sold at an organic whole, can provide the quote of the hairdressing equipment such as pet hairdressing desk and tool and mail-order professional work in time. Have a product: All sorts of pet basket such as dog basket, birdcage, parrot basket, hare basket, cat basket, squirrel cage, snake basket. Product of series of pet hairdressing things has: Pet hairdressing stage, hairdressing desk, pet blows bracket of blower of support of the water machine, aircraft that blow water, pet, blower, report to push cut, cut continuously, knife head, unplug apron of hairdressing of rough cutter, pet, hairdressing combs, nail clippers, pet carbonadoes wool machine, pet. 60% above export the product, average and annual export volume is in above of 10 million dollar, our product gets with good quality and credit foreign admiration.
Pet hairdressing stage, mesa uses an entrance rubber-plastic face plate. Have prevent slippery function, not fade, the characteristic of not easy damaged. Have 3 kinds of color optional (black, blue, green) , aluminium alloy frame, deserve to net of mobile gush model is worn among, hairdressing stage frame uses data of stainless steel of food sanitation class, hard usage. All hairdressing stage is collapsible. Fraction is big, medium, small 3 model. Still hydraulic pressure rises fall hairdressing stage and dynamoelectric litre fall hairdressing stage.
Pet blows water opportunity, cent frequency conversion blows water machine, changeless frequency to blow water machine, pet to hang mural type to blow water blower and pet vertical to blow water blower. The machine that blow water uses case of metallic gush model, electric machinery of series excitation type, service life is long, wind force does not have a section adjustable, belt heat function, match automatic and elastic hose. Power ≤ 2400W, 42m/s of wind speed ≤ , heat 60 ℃ of temperature rise ≤ , can blow dry pet hair quickly. This plane is light, use neatly, suitable scope is used wide.

Blower of cent sheet, double canister, pet hangs pet blower big blower of vertical of mural type big blower, pet, pet hangs mural type to blow water blower and pet vertical to blow water blower, exceed high-power 2000W, it is the hand-held hair dryer with the at present greatest power on market, effective zonule blast focusing, the detail after suiting to bathe especially blows modelling of dry standoff ministry to use, 6 archives heat, two archives are wind- driven, along with heart control, deserve to flat mouth blows limelight, more facilitating wind-force is strengthened centrally, can clean screen pack, clear safeguard go to the lavatory simply, cooperate blower bracket to use, can liberate the both hands of beautician more, improve efficiency doubly.

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