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Beautiful of American actor force (China) investment limited company
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Beautiful of American actor force (China) investment limited company is to belong to the whole world continuously YOU NEED of company of famous venture capital investment (U.S.A) brand of subordinate a gleam of.
As people the understanding of companionate to pet value and appreciation mature gradually rise, more and more people are opposite to nutrition in understanding the person's importance while, also realize the value with balanced healthy to pet nutrition, the addition of this kind of consciousness makes person of owner of be in sb's good graces believes: The nutrient health protection that their pet ought to enjoy the high quality that offers by industry of contemporary pet food article
Beautiful of American actor force (China) investment limited company is having group of powerful research and development, series of actor force beautiful is by center of scientific research of international pet nutrition (USA) the expert of pet nutrition research center studies positive result according to what come for years,
Mix strictly according to American AAFCO the standard of NRC, with be being digested high qualitily, high, comprehensive and balanced nutrition is a characteristic,
The pet food with the more balanced nutrition that develops jointly through animal nutrition expert and animal medicine expert, offer cerebrum and hair must nutrition, enhance immune power.
Balanced vitamin and mineral the normal need that assures to love to bestow favor on the body. It is new generation high end pure natural and healthy health food

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