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Sincere sign countrywide agent
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Tang Shan skin of 10 thousand hair limited company founds 1992, repose at having the famous city of Chinese coastal heavy industry of hundred years history-----Tang Shan. It is design of development of a market, seed profit is made, promotion sells the manufacturer at an organic whole. The company has advanced major to produce equipment and outstanding design government person with ability, and perfect sale network will satisfy the market increasingly demand. What the company basically produces a variety of pattern is dermal kind of chatelaine leather belt; Neck ring of dermal and high-grade pet (necklace, catenary is encircled) , pectoral braces, drawing is taken (belt of drawing rope, rope, pull a string) wait for pet things. Sold an unit to establish good cooperative relationship with things of pet of domestic and international much home, company with technical major, character is outstanding the recognition that won broad new old client. The company welcomes global new old client to come appearance is custom-built. Sincere sign countrywide agent, seek progress in all, the interest is shared.

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