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Burgeoning -- pet industry! ! ! See a project surely! !
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Hairdressing of pet of soup Mu dog grooms the school is Tom the pet hairdressing that orgnaization of progress of dog pet career sets grooms branch, beautician of pet of soup Mu dog grooms the school has 3 to groom branch, many fact hold field of dog of inn, exercitation and numerous TOMDOG pet to interlink exercitation branch and animal hospital. Hold water old since fostered hundreds outstanding pet hairdressing for the society talent, him student that has 50% above among them opens pet store, pet hospital, was on the road of pet fortune.
Soup Mu dog is in by international acknowledge, our student comes from countrywide each district, still have the Hong Kong brethren that come from afar and Canadian student. They learn to return, also brought back the brand of soup Mu dog, character home town, took abroad.
We are certain: "Soup Mu dog " can become Buck resembling a star, Mcdonald's, be able to bear or endure the well-known trademark that international is famous in like the gram, show my school to face the whole nation to recruit student!
The welcome hangs down ask: 010 - young lady of ginger of 51262633 58631923 58631925
Mailbox: Tomdog520@163.com
Network address: Www.tomdog.cn Www.tomdog.com.cn Www.chongwumeirong.com

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